PPC advertising is one of the quickest ways to achieve high quality traffic from potential customers - and rapid sales.

However, too many marketers settle for running good campaigns, when they could be running great campaigns.

Google AdWords and similar platforms can be challenging to keep on top of if you're balancing a range of other responsibilities. If you're not careful, you could even be losing money.

The Blueclaw PPC ROI calculator strips out all unnecessary information to focus on the ultimate metric - are your campaigns making profit, and what impact would small tweaks have to your overall success?

Download the straightforward, Excel-format template and get ready to deliver great results from your PPC campaigns.

Martin Calvert

Marketing Director, Blueclaw

Pay Per Click Advertising ROI Calculator

[Updated 2017]

This calculator equips you to:

• Understand how profitable - or not - PPC campaigns are in a simple, shareable way

• Set PPC targets and measure progress for spend, CPC and more to benchmark over time

• Target improvements and measure the results month on month

• Run immediate calculations about PPC ROI - just add your data!